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From George Washington to George W. Bush, most of America’s chief executives have turned to God in varying degrees for assurance, guidance and hope.  Timely and timeless, God and the Oval Office tells these stories.

· Thomas Jefferson’s “edited” version of the Gospels

· Abraham Lincoln’s unique approach to organized religion

· Andrew Johnson’s “secret” Catholicism

· James Garfield’s personal sacrifice of the pulpit for the presidency

· Dwight Eisenhower’s trust in God’s sovereignty

· Ronald Reagan’s profound sense of forgiveness

· George W. Bush’s unapologetic faith in Jesus Christ


“We need to remember that the separation of church and state must never mean the separation of religious values from the lives of public servants.”

- Lyndon B. Johnson

God and The Oval Office

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What made the ‘79 Pirates so special?  The 1979 Pirates, under the baton of Chuck Tanner, included a cast of characters known as “Scrap Iron”, “Cobra”, “Teke”, “The Candy Man”, and, of course, “Pops”.  Relive those glory days, celebrate the turn-around of shortstop, Tim Foli as a player and as a man.  Laugh with Chuck Tanner when he heard Pirates fans, including his own wife, actually boo him for what they thought was a bad decision.  You might eve shed a tear or two when you read about the untimely passing of the legendary Willie Stargel.  These and other tales about the 1979 Pirates will bring back a heap of fond memories about one of baseball’s most colorful teams.

Tales From the 1979 Pittsburgh Pirates

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Author of 13 books and founder of the American Writers Institute offers 75 surefire tips on how to sell what you write -- fiction and nonfiction -- for the money it's really worth. Learn how to research your material, how to prepare it for sale, and how to market and sell it for maximum profit. What do publishers want to see? What is the best way to express your idea in a query letter? What are your "rights" as a writer? There is also sound advice on finding an agent, taking advantage of income tax savings to which you may be entitled, networking with other writers, and finding other avenues for your writing. From beginners to seasoned writers, McCollister deftly describes what it takes to profitably sell your writing.

Writing for Dollar$

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The Christian Book of WHY

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Great stories of famous and infamous ball games that will keep any baseball fan entertained for a lifetime.  You need to have this book on hand when baseball debates ensue.

The Best Baseball Games Ever Played

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Tales From the Cockpit

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Tales From the Pirates Dugout

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A Lutheran minister concisely and straightforwardly answers five hundred questions relating to Christian belief and ritual. A must for pastors, Sunday school teachers, parochial school teachers, instructors of religion at colleges and universities, and anyone interested in why Christians live and worship as they do.

From the Wright brothers' historic first flights to modern combat missions, hear from the pilots themselves what it was like to soar, to battle, and to push the boundaries of aviation. In stories gathered together for the first time, Tales from the Cockpit describes flight adventures ranging from danger in the skies over WWI Germany to civilian record setters and their courageous transcontinental flights.

This is a love story. It's a collection of tales about a life-long relationship between a baseball team and its fans. The story of the Pittsburgh Pirates overflows with anecdotes and illustrations that tell us a lot about the team, about the city, and about the people who call Pittsburgh their "home." In a sense, the history of the Pirates is a mirror image of the people who were schooled in the "steel-mill mentality."