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· WCBS-TV, New York City

· KDKA-TV, Pittsburgh

· Fox-TV

· WBZ-TV, Boston




· The Jim Bohannon Show, Washington, D.C. (Nationally Syndicated)

· America in the Morning, Washington, D.C. (Nationally Syndicated)

· The Jerry Doyle Show, Las Vegas (Nationally Syndicated)

· The Al Bernstein Show, Las Vegas

· The Marc Bernier Show, Central Florida

· The Pat Williams Show, Orlando, FL (Nationally Syndicated)


John McCollister

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P.O. Box 65 — Largo, FL  33779  USA

Tel: 800-326-5661

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William Thompson

John McCollister with

Ralph Kiner at the Hall of Fame

John McCollister with

Hall of Famer Bill Mazeroski

John McCollister

wrote the official history of the Detroit Tigers.

He tosses out the first pitch

at Pittsburgh Pirates game.